Special Courses

We offer special classes throughout the year. Recent offerings have included:

  • Financial Peace University (13 weeks) - Taught by Dave Ramsey, focusing on how to manage your money and be a good steward of His resources
  • Walk Across the Room (8 weeks) - A course on how to take the first steps to build relationships that will allow you the chance to share your faith. It is as easy as walking across the room.
  • Truth Project (12 weeks) - This class was developed by Focus on the Family. Only 9% of Christians live their lives based on a Biblical world view. What does this mean? Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?
  • Christianity 101 (8 weeks) - An 8 week course that digs into what Christianity is all about. This class compares Christianity to other major religions and answers questions like:
    • What is sin?
    • Why did Christ have to come?
    • Why did he have to die?

This is a great opportunity for you to question and discuss the Christian faith with no pressure or condemnation. All are welcome.