Discipleship and Mentoring

We believe that making disciples should be done by following Jesus' example--not in large settings or classes, although there is a purpose for those, but in intimate small group environments where accountability and compassion can abound. It helps having someone walk alongside you while studying God's Word and living life together. It is important that men and women build strong relationships with God and other believers to help them grow.

One-on-One Mentoring

For the new Christian, we offer one-on-one mentoring for the first 13 weeks to help provide support and accountability to learn to read the scriptures daily, learn to pray and develop the disciplines of a Christian to build a strong foundation for their faith. This ministry is gender-based and has a clearly defined timeline.

This is a beginning step for anyone who accepts Christ. However, you may also request this support if you are going through a major life change and would like the personal support of a mature Christian. We want to partner with you as you deal with life and all of its uncertainty.

Discipleship Essentials

This is a dynamic opportunity for making disciples. This process has been labeled as the "hot box" opportunity for significant spiritual growth. This is a gender-based ministry with two or three other people to join with you.

The curriculum includes 25 weeks of discipleship training and an additional 12 weeks of leadership training. We encourage all believers to join in this opportunity. It will teach you how to lead a small group, how to mentor others and how to lead in any ministry. A group can start any time that you are ready. Contact our staff to learn more about this fabulous opportunity.